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Please note our company has implemented a set of precautionary procedures surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.  We respectfully request that all non-essential visitors at Superior Asphalt, Inc. facilities switch any in-person meetings to teleconference or reschedule for a later time.  At this time, we are accepting calls/requests for work.  We will, however, be working remotely and will not be inspecting properties until the STAY SAFE/STAY HOME order has been lifted.  We appreciate your understanding.

2017 NAPA Ecological Award: Superior Asphalt, Inc.

Superior Asphalt Inc. Award

“NAPA members strive for excellence beyond constructing high-quality asphalt pavements.
The five categories of the Operational Excellence Awards — Asphalt Operations Safety
Innovation, Community Involvement, Ecological, Outstanding Brochure, and Outstanding
Website — recognize a company’s commitment to operations that make them good
contractors, good industry ambassadors, and good neighbors,” said NAPA Craig Parker.

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Superior Asphalt Fixes Veteran's Botched Driveway after Fake Paving Company Scam Family out of  $9,000  

Lansing Buisness

The Business of the Year: Superior Asphalt, Inc. 


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