Superior Asphalt, Inc. Dutton Plant

Superior Asphalt, Inc. Asphalt Plant

Commitment to Superior Quality Asphalt Material

The Asphalt Manufacturing Process:


Superior Asphalt, Inc. is in complete control over the quality of asphalt material we provide our customers.  We own and operate a state-of-the-art Gencor Counter-Flow Drum Mix Plant capable of producing approximately 500 tons of asphalt per hour.  The plant is conveniently located in Dutton, Michigan, and is highly efficient and reliable. 


Superior Asphalt, Inc. is MDOT pre-qualified and operates a federally certified testing lab staffed with highly qualified technicians, trained in the latest advancement of asphalt road construction. Every batch of asphalt produced is formulated specifically to meet our client's individual project specifications.


Superior Asphalt, Inc. is more than a full service paving company.  We supply asphalt material to cities, municipalities, utility companies, and contractors all across West Michigan.  We are available on-demand and offer asphalt material 12 months a year.  During the winter months, we produce recycled hot mix asphalt available at our Dutton Plant and our Downtown Grand Rapids Century Ave. SW.  Headquarters.


Cold patch asphalt material is also manufactured on-site.  We work directly with Unique Paving Materials to ensure our cold patch material meets our high standards.  You will not find a better cold patch material in West Michigan. 

Superior Asphalt, Inc. also operates a gravel pit. The Portland Gravel Pit is centrally located, just off I-96

Superior Asphalt, Inc. Awarded Diamond Achievement Status - Every Year in Operation

Asphalt is a sustainable material for constructing pavements. From the production of the paving material to the placement of the pavement on the road, to rehabilitation, through recycling, asphalt pavements minimize the impact on the environment. Low consumption of energy for production and construction, low emission of greenhouse gases, and conservation of natural resources help to make asphalt the environmental pavement of choice. <<Read More>>
Superior Asphalt, Inc. Loading Raw Materials At Asphalt Plant


Corporate Headquarters

669 Century Avenue, S.W.,
Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49503


Dutton Plant

6900 East Paris Industrial Court, S.E.

Caledonia, Michigan 49316


Superior Asphalt, Inc.- Portland Gravel Pit 

8108 Emery Road

Portland, Michigan 48875