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Always forward-thinking and with sustainability in mind, Jeff Kresnak, CEO and founder of Superior Asphalt, Inc. purchased 243 acres of farmland in Portland, MI in 2016 to be mined for aggregate. Of the 243 acres, approximately 178 acres of the property is a gravel pit. The remainder of the land continues to be maintained as farmland and green space for wildlife.

Superior Asphalt, Inc. takes great pride in being an environmentally responsible company. In 2017, Superior won the National Asphalt Paving Association's Ecological Award, honoring our environmental stewardship.  

Fill Sand

$2.50 per/ton

Top Soil

$15.00 per/cubic yard

Landscape Stone

1-3 feet $100.00 per/ton

Road Gravel

$5.00 per/ton

Landscape Stone

4-12 inches $50.00 per/ton

Landscape Stone

3 feet and larger $110.00 per/ton

The Superior Asphalt, Inc.- Portland Gravel Pit is centrally located just off I-96 Kent Street Exit in Portland, MI. Between Kent St and Emery Road.

The Portland Gravel Pit supplies only expertly screened, high-quality aggregate material to our customers. We cater to the General Contractor, Asphalt Companies, Landscape Companies, Municipalities, and the Residential Homeowner.  

Currently, we do not offer delivery. However, we do load your product and maintain a state of the art scale. You will always get 100% of the material you pay for at Superior Asphalt, Inc. Portland Gravel.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, check, and cash.

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Whether your paving job is commercial, residential, or municipal, the asphalt paving experts at Superior Asphalt, Inc. have got you covered. Customer service is not just our goal - it's our promise.

That's why we are known for

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