• Stacie Newmann

Pothole Repair

Updated: May 3, 2018

Potholes Are A Fact Of Life In Michigan.  Superior Asphalt, Inc. Has You Covered.

Potholes occur when the pavement or sub-base beneath cannot support the weight of traffic.  This is true whether the pavement is an asphalt parking lot or asphalt roadway.  Traffic always has an impact on weakened pavement but the main culprit in creating potholes is moisture.  Any time there are cracks in the surface, moisture has access to the sub-base.

As the material that makes up the sub-base beneath the asphalt pavement becomes moist, it looses its strength and shifts when vehicles drive over the surface. Weakening of the sub-base has an even greater impact as temperatures drop. The sub-base expands when it freezes, pushing the pavement to the surface, then thawing and contracting when temperature rises.

After enough freeze-thaw cycles occur a gap is created between the asphalt pavement and base. Constant traffic flow will crack the surface and eventually break the pavement, creating a pothole. The longer a pothole is left untreated, the more extensive and expensive the damage will be. It is cost-effective to repair potholes as soon as they occur.

Why call us?

Superior Asphalt, Inc. has spent over 30 years perfecting custom hot-mix asphalt materials that are specifically formulated for pothole repair in Michigan and are available 12 months a year. Wile we pave during the summer months we collect and store millings and any unused quantities of our specially formulated hot mix asphalt. During the winter months we recycle this material to make a one of a kind, winter hot mix asphalt that we make available to our customers as a pothole repair alternative to the traditional cold patch. In the event that our winter hot mix is not an option, we offer Unique Material Cold Patch. Our cold patch is designed and prepared on site to ensure the product meets our high standards of workability and durability.

Potholes are somewhat unavoidable in Michigan. It’s important to realize that potholes can be minimized through proper asphalt pavement design and construction. Creating a regular maintenance program with a pavement expert such as Superior Asphalt, Inc. is extremely important and effects the longevity of your asphalt surface.

The employees of Superior Asphalt, Inc. take great pride in their ability to provide their customers with durable, quality asphalt products manufactured at our state of the art asphalt manufacturing facilities. Superior’s motto is “Service Beyond the Surface” and we stick to it. Our project management team and paving crews will communicate directly with you. They will take the time needed to educate you regarding your options and schedule repairs in a timely fashion with very little inconvenience to you or your business.