Superior Project Gallery

The world renowned Fredrick Meijer Gardens reached out to Superior expand their parking lots and resurface all of the pathways throughout the sculpture gardens and around the Japanese garden. The paths, most with 12 years on them, needed to be structurally and aesthetically upgraded. Meijer also needed the garden to look topnotch for the opening of the Japanese Garden as they entered a whole new level of presentation. Being open 362 days a year, Meijer Gardens contracted Superior based on their excellent communication. Superior Asphalt, Inc. was able to minimize the interruption in the park to six hours and did their very best to expedite the work.

In January 2014, Dan Schnitta and GingerMan Raceway management contacted asphalt paving specialists to evaluate the track. Originally paved in 1995, the track pavement was intact, but there were 1 1⁄2-inch cracks that had been filled with rubber crack seal. “When we decided it was time to repave our 20-year-old race track, we went looking for a west Michigan asphalt contractor not only willing to take on the magnitude of our project but who would be willing to work with us,” says Mary Phelps, managing director of GingerMan Raceway.


Visit GingerMan Raceway to see more repave project detail and video